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We got started by growing our own peppers because we could not find other jellies or spices that we thought were flavorful or hot enough for our liking.

After making jellies for ourselves we began to give the extra pepper jars to friends and family who continue to come back for more jelly. Many said they would purchase the jelly in stores when it became available.

Our jellies are FDA approved, Made in Montana Certified and all Vegan.



Chuck is a Montana native.  He retired after 22 years with the U. S. Marine Corps as a Gunnery Sergeant with a background as a helicopter mechanic, home and professional cook, and data analyst.

Chuck graduated from the University of Montana with a bachelors degree in Business in 1998.  His free time is spent enjoying hunting, NASCAR, and football.

Chuck cooked for Lum's Restaurant in Wood Bridge, Virginia while on active duty.  He has canned meat, vegetables, and fruits  throughout his life especially in his younger years when it was on top of a wood stove.




Chip also is a home and professional cook.

He has cooked at Mount Rainier resort, for a cruise line in Hawaii and in various delis.

He graduated from the Advance Culinary Arts Training at Treasure Island in San Francisco.

In his spare time, Chip Enjoys creative cooking, reading, and games.

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